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Questionnaires are meant to serve as a basis, and evaluators may tailor them to their specific contexts.

Evaluation Planning in Program Initiatives International Development Research Centre A series of guidelines to help IDRC managers, staff, and partners improve the quality and consistency of evaluations in IDRC and to enhance evaluation capacity, including guidelines for: searching for previous IDRC evaluation reports, program initiative evaluation plan tables, formatting evaluation reports, writing terms of references, identifying intended uses and users of evaluations, selecting and managing an evaluation consultant or team, and preparing program objectives.

Resources for Technology Planning Texas Center for Education Technology This is a listing of internet-based resources for technology planning, including tools, publications, templates, surveys, and checklists.

Evidence summaries

Online Assessment Tools enGauge North Central Regional Educational Laboratory This contains online assessments for use by districts or schools to conduct online assessments of system-wide educational technology effectivness. Some indicators of competencies include: levels of computer efficiency; practical, foundational, and reflexive competencies; and self-assessment.

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The four surveys comprising this toolkit seek to address data deficits at both the school and policy levels, and give useful and actionable information about the integration of ICT in education. The four surveys are: teacher, student, head of school, and computer background. Networking Support Program Association for Progressive Communications A web site promoting gender equity in the design, development, implementation, access to and use of ICTs and in the policy decisions and frameworks that regulate them.

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  • Monitoring school performance : a guide for educators.

The range of topics and accompanying resources include: economic empowerment, education, health, violence against women, women in armed conflict, cultural diversity and language, communication rights, universal access, strategic use and FOSS, and governance. Please login to post comments.

1.2. School planning and monitoring

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Monitoring Student Progress

In , there were virtually no technology-focused start-up incubators or Our Research Schools aim to lead the way in the use of evidence-based practice and bring research closer to schools. How the EEF is working with other countries keen to integrate evidence into their educational systems.

Monitoring performance - National Governance Association

Assessment — particularly teacher assessment - is one of the great unclaimed prizes of learning. However, ensuring that assessment is efficient, effective and without bias is a considerable challenge. A successful assessment system will enable the teacher to understand thoroughly what is expected to be mastered by pupils at any given stage of education, and assess their progress towards doing so in a meaningful and fair way.

Acknowledging these facts, the Assessing and Monitoring Pupil Progress AMPP Guide sets out to unpick some of the problems, and offer some next steps for improving teacher assessment and monitoring.

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The AMPP guidance should be used to inform a well-led and clearly-defined approach to assessment, which itself sits within a well-led and clearly-defined vision of teaching and learning in a school, or a group of schools. It outlines the components of effective assessment and offers practical steps for putting it into practice.

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